Seeley's Pond


            If you’re in the mood to add another mile to your hike—the History Trail is six miles and at this point, you’re about a a third of the way along—then just after you pass the ruins of the Drake House, you will reach the intersection with the Sierra Trail (white blazes). Head west on the trail and you will reach Seeley’s Pond, one of the most popular picnicking spots in the Reservation.
           Just as with Lake Surprise, which was used to power the mill in Feltville (Site 6), Seeley’s Pond was also created by damming the Blue Brook in order to power another mill.
           In the late 1800s, Edmund A. Seeley founded a paper manufacturing company and used the falls for power. Once the waters flow over the Seeley’s Pond dam, they soon join up with the Green Brook, which eventually drains into the Raritan River.








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