History of the History Trail


              The Watchung Reservation History Trail was an Eagle Scout project, designed and executed by Robert Gruytch of Roselle Park. Gruytch, with the help of adults and scouts from Troop 56 in Roselle Park, logged 322 hours in creating the six-mile trail.
             He completed the project during his junior and senior years, graduating from Roselle Park High School in 2010. He is going into his sophomore year at Montclair University, where he is majoring in astrophysics. He hopes to work for NASA.
             The project was a perfect fit for him. “I have a love for hiking,” he said, following the trail’s dedication on National Trails Day, June 4, 2011. “I did my first hike for hiking merit badge up here in the reservation.”
             His favorite part of the hike is just north of the Drake House (Site 5ab) where there is a stand of evergreen trees. “The smell. The scenery. They’re just beautiful,” he said.












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